Book Tour: The Lessons of the American Civilization

Fresno, CA,  August 14 | Lafayette, CA,  September 6 | CFRW Conf. Bakersfield, CA, December 7 | San Diego, CA,  September 9  | Pleasant Hill, CA, September 11 | Sacramento, Ca, September 14 | Santa Rosa, CA, October 22 | Santa Clara, CA, October 22 | Allentown, PA, November 7 | Bakersfield, CA, December 10 | Palm Springs, CA January 13, 2025


Praise for
The Lessons of the American Civilization

  • Thought provoking . . .

    well worth reading.”  

  • A deep blend of American history and economics. Once upon a time in America, and not so long ago, we were on our way, striding, purposeful, and succeeding. Del Beccaro’s Lessons shows us how to break out of modern habits and resume our journey toward freedom, peace, and above all prosperity.”

  • Picking up where he left off with The Divided Era, Del Beccaro continues his writing in the tradition of Will and Ariel Durant, with his latest work, The Lessons of the American Civilization. Del Beccaro’s sweeping study of the American Civilization places America’s past in the historical perspective too often missing from American classrooms and political discussions today.” 

  • Del Beccaro's Lessons demonstrates a keen understanding of economics and history.  It is a must read by anyone concerned about the long-term future of this country."

  • "This book reminded me why I am so proud to have become an American. And it reminds all of us why being an American means much more than nationality. It means inheriting a set of ideas that represent both opportunity and obligation. Opportunity to live our lives in the greatest nation on earth, obligation to fight to keep it so - especially today, when the American idea is under assault, even from within. This is an essential book for NOW."

  • "Del Beccaro’s Lessons is reminiscent ofToynbee and Durant, with the analytical skills of a Bill Buckley - rendered in an approachable and digestible manner. A triumph of research, thoughtfulness for the Everyman.”

  • “Many ask what is happening in American culture today. Del Beccaro’s Lessons vividly answers the question with his incisive historical perspective.“

  • Del Beccaro’s must read Lessons of the American Civilization is a wide-ranging and incisive analysis of American culture, economics, history, and politics covering the waterfront of forces affecting America’s future.”

  • "Del Beccaro's Lessons once again demonstrates Del Beccaro's deep understanding of the nexus between government policy, economics and human behavior. He is a big thinker in the mold of Charles Krauthammer." 

  • "Benjamin Franklin described America as 'a Republic, if you can keep it.' Thomas Del Beccaro outlines beautifully what forces have been at work to both keep and to destroy that republic. Americans would do well to read this book so as to learn how to repeat our past successes and, perhaps more so, avoid the harbingers of our downfall."

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