The Lessons of the American Civilization©

Its Confident Rise and The Possible Warning Signs of Its Decline

By Thomas G. Del Beccaro

COMING JULY 30, 2024

The American civilization and its place in history comes to life in distinguished author Thomas Del Beccaro’s newest book,

The Lessons of the American Civilization.

The Lessons of the American Civilization tells the American story from its earliest and tenuous beginnings to its confident rise in becoming the World’s most dominant civilization. Historian Thomas Del Beccaro illuminates America’s past and present with fresh comparisons to history’s great civilizations with the guidance of history’s greatest Historical Philosophers. For the everyday reader and historian alike, Del Beccaro illustrates the characteristics and lessons that civilizations share as they come together, rise and fall.  He then tells the American experience, from Plymouth Rock to America’s technological revolution, in light of many important lessons of the past.

Along the way, Del Beccaro provides needed perspective on such topics as:

~  Whether America is exceptional compared to other civilizations.

~  Capitalism’s most important legacy of making democracy possible and why it remains necessary to sustain free governments around the globe.

~  America’s changing economic, governmental and societal institutions.

~  How and why political power centralizes and its impact on America today.

~  Government’s historical impact on wealth and prosperity.

~  What America’s political and class division says about the trajectory

of the American civilization.

~  What lies ahead for the American Civilization.

In 2007, Del Beccaro began speaking and then writing about the sources of political and cultural division in the United States.  Then, in 2015, according to White House Correspondent John Gizzi, in “the tradition of historians Will and Ariel Durant in The Story of Civilization,” those efforts culminated in his book The Divided Era, which explains why the more government decides the more it divides.

Now, “picking up where he left off with The Divided Era, Del Beccaro continues his writing in the tradition of Will and Ariel Durant, with his latest work, The Lessons of the American Civilization. Del Beccaro’s sweeping study of the American Civilization places America’s past in the historical perspective too often missing from American classrooms and political discussions today.” John Gizzi, White House/Congressional Correspondent for over forty years.