Did you ever wonder why there is so much fighting in politics today?

Tom Del Beccaro, in his ground-breaking work, The Divided Era, answers why.

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The larger our governments, the greater the competition for their spoils–therefore our divisions.

”There simply is so much at stake today. As a result, our governments that benefit so many, employ so many, and tax so widely–in short our governments that pick so many winners and losers–are understandably subject to an intense competition for their control.” So writes author Thomas Del Beccaro in this fascinating study of the history of political unity and division in the US, from the Revolution to the adoption of the Constitution, the Civil War through Reconstruction, The Gilded Age to our present Divided Era.

While we have had our conflicts over large issues and the role of government in the past, and still do today, an emerging cause of the partisanship and division we now know today did not exist at our nation’s founding. Our governments were smaller, levied minimal taxes, and thus held out fewer spoils for citizens to fight over.

Can the US find its way back to being a less divided country? Yes, says Del Beccaro, but only if citizens understand the growing source of our divisions: ever larger governments. Americans must demand that government shrink back to a less divisive size and scope and support leaders capable of setting unifying goals–for which Del Beccaro offers five key strategies. In fact, the consequences of not slimming the behemoth governments–federal, state, and local–will only lead to an ever widening divide, and more acrimonious and harmful partisanship.

The Divided Era lays out the case for smaller government, more responsive political leadership, and ultimately a more cohesive citizenry.

Praise for The Divided Era

“In the tradition of historians Will and Ariel Durant in The Story of Civilization, Tom Del Beccaro dramatically relates the ideological and political struggles of earlier eras to the clashes of today. In bringing to life the incendiary politics of eras such as The Gilded Age—with high voter-turnout (80 percent nationwide in the 1880s), the rise of third parties, and hard-fought presidential elections—Mr. Del Beccaro helps us better understand the negativism of politics today.”

—John Gizzi, White House Correspondent for over thirty years, Political Columnist for Newsmax
 The Divided Era demonstrates clearly how our income tax code today not only isn’t the best way to raise revenue, but is also fueling divisions among Americans—much like the tariff system did in the 1800s. If we want to get beyond class warfare, we simply must return to economic growth, as Del Beccaro points out.”
—Stephen Moore, Head Economist for e Heritage Foundation
“How partisan are we, really? The Divided Era not only answers that question, it also places our political differences in historical context. It turns the tables on those who blame partisanship on political participants fighting in the arena for spoils or rights. The Divided Era is a compelling and easy read, asserting that government action—picking winners and losers—is the primary cause of our current political division.”
—James P. Pinkerton, Fox News Personality 
 The Divided Era demonstrates, in exhaustively researched and rich detail, how ever more complicated laws and government are driving us apart, not solving our problems.”
—Anne Bremner, Nationally Recognized Legal Analyst
“Americans seem increasingly and disturbingly partisan—wedded to the oftentimes inconsistent and interest-group-driven ideologies of the nation’s two major parties. That’s true even as the Republicans and Democrats offer fewer sensible answers to the nation’s most-pressing questions. Tom Del Beccaro pins the blame squarely where it belongs: on the growth of government. As long as Americans keep fighting each other rather than banding together to fight the of bureaucracy and government power, they are destined to remain in this divided era. Del Beccaro’s book offers some fresh thinking on the matter.”
—Steven Greenhut, California Columnist, U-T San Diego
"Forever a decade, Tom Del Beccaro has provided unique insight to my radio audience. With The Divided Era, Tom continues his great work. The sources of the current scandals in Washington, along with government overreach, are not only highlighted by this work, but The Divided Era also makes it clear that government has been the source of many of our historical divisions. The Divided Era helps us understand our times and why they will be di cult to change. Tom also provides us with a look forward to how we can bridge our partisan gaps."
—Mark Larson, Talk Radio Host, KCBQ 

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